Zoe runs clinics on a regular basis for all types of clients (individuals and groups) and specifically for ‘Team Questers’

All clinics are focused on getting the best results for the horse and rider, building confidence and experience in a controlled and safe environment. No horse or rider is asked to do more than they are capable and Zoe’s 30+ year of experience with both able bodied and disabled riders, plus her own competing experience, gives you the confidence to achieve much more than you imagined. Zoe is a realist and understands limits, confidence and pure fear! All being real to the person/rider and the horse, however big the leaf or scary monster hiding in the hedge – her patience and perseverance makes her much in demand, with most clients being for the longer term, coming back again and again for more help as they develop their partnership or in some cases form new ones!

Clinics range from flatwork to agility and can include: jumping, polework, groundwork, long reining, grid work, test riding, cross county and even showing. Zoe herself has competed in both dressage and show jumping, she’s even competed in one day events and showing. All with great success, however now because of her own disability she isn’t able to keep up the pace needed to compete at the higher levels and prefers to impart her knowledge for your benefit! ¬†However don’t think she’s stopped there, she still receives lessons when she can from Clive Milkins (Para Dressage coach) and others, when she can.

More recently Zoe has started Culvercroft Camps, short weekends away where the ‘campers’ can enjoy a mix of both training and recreational riding at great venues. Zoe is keen to provide relaxed environments where people can train with their own horse at their own pace, plus experience new environments in a positive way.

To book either a clinic or camp, please check out the calendar, if you can’t see what you are looking for then contact us as bespoke or additional training can be added subject to demand.

plus heres some pics of the fun, mayhem and cake that is so popular at these events!