Amazing Gift Horse – Before the First Show (Guest Blog)

By   21/06/2017

So its only a few months now since I was given Silver, the amazing gift horse and we’ve had our ups and downs, with an amazing time at camp, where we did so much out of our comfort zone and have started building our, what is going to be fantastic partnership.

Feeling euphoric from the camp experience, I agreed to do my first every ridden show! I don’t know quite what came over me, but somehow I agreed to do 2 classes that were the Concours d’elegance and a dressage test, Intro C if that means anything to anyone?

I think that I can safely say that I was slightly nervous and because this is public I can’t really express it in the terms that I’m sure you will understand!

The event was on a Saturday so when the Friday evening came, I was feeling more than slightly sick, I was going to do something that I’d never done before and with my lovely Silver (who I didn’t know how he would react or behave?) and being that sensible person I decided to try out my concours skirt just to be prepared for the next day and when I got on he never ever twitched a ¬†muscle! I love my boy!!

Show day came and I felt so sick with nerves! Thankfully Zoe kept me busy looking after the horses as we prepared and travelled to the show, Silver travelled well but we found out that tying up to the lorry wasn’t his choice! Supervision required before classes! But my friend Leigh hopped on and had a little trot about making him really calm and everything up to then went to plan!!

It was finally time for my test! I remember having Zoe’s voice in ear and Nik calling for me, we got through with no major drama and as Terri would say ‘nobody died!’ in fact it was fantastic, we did so well and the score of 56% was much more than I expected, let alone the 3rd place and a rosette!

All in all we had a fantastic day РSilver and I, with my fantastic coach, mentor and transporter, Zoe, who gave me the belief that I can achieve things I never thought I could do. My next step is to get a little more confidence in both me and Silver so we can get out and do some more stuff (and hopefully write a little more to update you on our progress!)

Karen Bliss and her partner, Silver (the Amazing Gift Horse).