Amazing Gift Horse First Polework/Gridwork clinic

By   05/07/2017

Its me again, I’m so delighted to tell you about our first gridwork and pole work clinic. The clinic was held at one of Zoe’s regular venues where the lovely Sue Adamson and her liveries are wonderful hosts, letting us take over her yard and school, whilst we attempt to have a quiet nervous break down in the anticipation of doing ‘poles!’

The morning came, we loaded up, no drama, which I know isn’t the case for everyone so I’m very grateful! Then headed up to Bull Lane Livery at Tiptree, where there were lots of poles and blocks to set up, helping distract my nerves! A row of trotting poles with blocks on either side of them to make up a grid were set up and we let Zoe’s first clinic get going, whilst we went back and unloaded Silver and Mog (Mog is owned by Sofie and travelled with us). We got them settled with their hyaenas and then had some time to watch some of the people taking part before our ‘time slot’. It was great to see how Zoe gets people and their horses to settle so easily!

It then was our turn, we had Sofie with Mog and Celia had bought Libby to work in hand and we all warmed up, then I started working Silver over the poles that had been set up as a square in the middle, it was going well in walk so we progressed to trot and even after a while managed to get nice straight ┬álines whilst keeping our working trot! As it was going well, Zoe got us to go over the poles in a row with a cross pole at the end. I didn’t even feel nervous!

By this time I felt like Silver and I were working together and he was looking after me, so I didn’t feel nervous and trusted Silver to go over with no trouble, which he did. I’m so proud, he looked after me, so much so I went over the cross pole 3 times! It was such an achievement and just to prove it, I’ve got a little clip to show you below. So pleased with what we’ve achieved today.

Karen and Silver, the Amazing Gift Horse