An Amazing Gift – Guest Blog

By   15/06/2017

How did my Amazing Gift Horse happen?

On the 5th of February 2017, I went on a road trip with my trainer Zoe Cain-Tyler, who had messaged me saying that she had found a horse during the week and wanted to go and get it. (I was looking for a loan horse and had no idea of the amazing gift that I was going to get?). So with the trailer hitched, off we went with me thinking that this was an opportunity to have a horse to loan.

Amazing gift horse Silver

We got to the yard and I was shown a 15’2″ grey by the name of ‘Silver”, which once loaded up on to     the trailer, Zoe and I then set off to go back home, but just as we were about to set off home, Zoe threw the passport at me saying I needed to sort out putting Silver in my name as Zoe had found him, to be my very first ever horse! I was a horse owner!! Silver was my Amazing Gift!

Now four months on with only a couple of set backs, we are forming a great bond and my biggest achievement was going to the camp with Zoe and a lovely group of girls where I rode in open field and did my first judged dressage test scoring a very respectable 59%, then going on a hack which included going through water!

I would never have achieved this without Zoe’s help, guidance and belief in me as a rider. I’m now ready to start taking Silver out to shows and doing lots more of the clinics that Zoe runs which have enabled me to meet riders of all sorts of levels, I’m also going to compete as part of the Culvercroft teams – in the British Dressage Team Quest Competitions.

I’m going to try and keep a track of what I achieve and update Culvercroft followers of my partnership with Silver and how we get on with coping with going out and doing things, plus competing for the very first time and much much more. I’m hopeful that I can share with you how I’m overcoming my doubts and fears to enjoy what I do with “MY HORSE!”

Most of all, I love my gift horse and Zoe Cain-Tyler, a great friend, mentor and Coach, who made my Amazing Gift horse happen!

Karen Bliss, Owner of Silver.


And because I love him so much already, heres a few more pictures!!