Welcome to Culvercroft Equestrian, where the focus is making horse riding fun and enjoyable.  Run by the Award Winning Zoe Cain-Tyler, there is something for everyone whether wanting to compete or not.

Zoe herself is an Internationally experienced Para Dressage rider and was one of the founders of Para Showjumping, although she now mainly competes in able bodied competition due to location and resources.

Culvercroft Equestrian gives you an opportunity to advance your skills on your own horse either at your own yard or at clinics across Essex at well established venues covering everything from long reining, dressage, pole work, jumping, agility or just confidence building. Culvercroft also offers you a chance to join the Team Quest competitions run by British Dressage (subject to your own membership), where its about being part of a team that also likes tea and cake!