Website launch

By   28/03/2017


The new Culvercroft website is live! But there is loads to do as you would expect with a new website, but the best news is, when its finished you’ll be able to book clinics and training online plus buy your Culvercroft ‘gear’ which is proving extremely popular particularly for the teams as the soft shell jackets mean you can look really smart without having to get all dressed up for ‘stressage!’

Culvercroft teams have been running now since the end of 2016 and with 6 teams formed and 3 regularly competing its been a busy but exciting time for Culvercroft Equestrian as all the teams are supported by regular clinics, being hosted across Essex including Bull Lane Livery at Tiptree and others. Our members range from the experienced rider that has ridden many tests but not done it for a while through to the junior who has never ridden a test and wants to get started! Then we’ve even had horses out that have never competed and are very late starters and not even seen company!

The clinics have enabled many that don’t or can’t usually get out, to get involved and even if they aren’t wanting to go out and compete, but the results so far are fabulous and much, much greater than expected, however for us, its about getting on and enjoying how it all goes, not about ribbons!! ┬áBut they are happening anyway!!