Equi Agility is the Culvercoft form of Horse Agility, our mobile service for horses and riders using a range of obstacles. In hand or Ridden it’s a fun way to bond with your horse & help desensitise nervy horses.

We use lots of different objects and techniques to ensure that any Culvercroft Equi Agility course is there to test and challenge all abilities. With something for everyone, small or large (horse or handler) the ultimate aim is to get round all of the obstacles in the quickest time possible, however we believe that having a go and getting your horse or handler desensitised to as much as possible builds great partnerships and a foundation for other things and time isn’t our goal, making it safe, fun and enjoyable is!

The participants can be very young horses of any size, we have some miniatures that love it! Or it can be a big draft horse that the handler wants to grow their own confidence, it really is about creating a partnership and helping you both push it to the next level. All of this with experienced and practical help – walking over a tarpaulin isn’t always something you can do on your own and some help is always on hand. You might even be surprised at how quickly the horse takes to it and manages more than you think!

Our mobile service means that we can set up anywhere that is suitable e.g. indoor school, outdoor school or field (depending on weather).

Then for the competitive people, we get you to do it against the clock, beat your personal best or race against others, only if you want to!

Mobile, adaptable, challenging and most importantly fun!