Starting our first winter – The Amazing Gift Horse

By   01/03/2018

Its our First Winter together and as we only have a school that isn’t really a school (part of the field that is fenced off), our winter involves hacking, which isn’t really my favourite part of riding.

I’ve suffered with confidence when riding issues for so long that I’ve never really enjoyed it although I’m hoping that eventually that will change?

Anyway, with the dark nights, my riding time was also limited to my day off and every other weekend – weather permitting. So with this ismind, I cut riding back, but in hindsight I really should have hacked out more when we had the good weather!

With the rubbish weather and riding days being few and far between, I eventually did get out, but it didn’t really go to plan!
Silver started to piaffe and then backed himself into a tree, which then resulted in both of us shutting down and me getting off and walking next to him for a while. This let us both calm down and after a bit of a way, I got back on and rode back to the yard.

To try and get a positive experience, Zoe booked for us to use a local school but it was a short hack away and this simply was too much for me and I had a complete melt down about hacking. I couldn’t not go use the school as it it would be a waste, so we walked there together.

Once we got there, with my legs quaking, I got myself on and Silver was simply brilliant! We rode for about an hour and even had a bit of a canter (not too much as Silver isn’t that fit!). Getting off to go home wasn’t an option and I rode a very well behaved Silver home.


Theconfidence loss is me, I’ve lost confidence in myself and I find reasons not to ride, but with the help of Zoe (and Sofie who also has a horse at Zoes’), I have ridden twice recently in a neighbours school andslowlystarting to have a little more faith in myself and my boy.

Lets hope this is the start of ‘Onwards and Upwards!’

Karen & Silver (The Amazing Gift Horse)