British Dressage Teams for Team Quest, by Culvercroft

Most commonly referred to as the Culvercroft ‘Team Questers’ there are now up to 6 teams that compete in the British Dressage Team Quest, with riders and horses competing from Intro, through Prelim to Novice, depending on experience and partnership.

Team Quest is run by British Dressage and to be part of the Culvercroft Teams, you will need to register with British Dressage in their Quest Club (Click here for more information on the British Dressage Site), there is a cost of £30 but this enables you to compete in My Quest too if you wish, this membership also allows you to attend British Dressage regional training and have a go at Prelim classes in the Bronze and Gold sections at all BD affiliated competitions! (all completely separate to Culvercroft).  You will also need to register your horse and under Quest Club this is free. Full British Dressage members are also (providing eligible at this level) to compete in Quest Competitions, any questions, we have a team guru who can help you with this!!

The only other thing to pay is your entry fees, you get support from Zoe on the day for free and to ride under the Culvercroft banner! Team wear is completely optional, but Team quest is also very relaxed so don’t panic about wearing anything special – you don’t need to! Your Horse’s tack needs to comply with British Dressage rules, but even saddle pads can be colours other than white and even your Jods/Breeches can be coloured too!

Confused? Then we are lucky, the Culvercroft Team organiser – Jenny, is always on hand to guide you.

Then there is cake… Lots of cake if you want it? Every event creates a cluster of Culvercrofters, which you can be part of, people helping each other, all with only one aim – to have a go and have fun whilst trying! Its never going to be completely simply or for some it never goes to plan, so the pace is yours and your horse, with others to help if you need it.

There is no fee to join the Culvercroft teams, only the entry fee and registration. If you are paying by paypal, the fee for paypal has been added (this can be avoided if you pay by other means)

Heres a few pictures to get an idea of what goes on?